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Weekly ad has Buy 2 I Can't Believe It's Not Butter, and get free 6-count Schnuck's bagels.I took a spray and a 2-pk.

To register and picked up Bagels also. Bagels w old not ring up free. Clerk said it was because of spray(not one of the selected varieties)', so husband went back for another 2 pk..Still didn't work. Called desk employee over-she checked Ad.

Said needed to be only the large size tubs..

I said "Skip it- just thought I might get something free for once!".Ad does read 15-16 ounce containers.


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"Ad does read 15-16 ounce containers" that's not the large size - note that " Called desk employee over-she checked Ad.Said needed to be only the large size tubs"

sounds to me like Schnucks made the error - and they do indeed have some employees who don't give a SCHNUCK about customers - I can cite 3 examples, and for these reasons have quit trying to do business w.


Complaints won't make a difference either.They've learned to place these stores where they'll get their planned market share while expecting customers to bend over for them


So let me get this straight, the ad clearly lists the product that needs to be purchased in order to get the free item. You tried to purchase a different item and you're complaining?!? WTF?

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